Zach IS Suzuki. You can tell this when you meet him, and he did not disappoint in training. When you can walk away from training by Zach with a fresh dose of the inspiring spirit of this method AND a bunch of practical things you can easily start using right away with your students... ~ Book 3 participant


Before taking this course I was feeling burnt out and like I was pulling my students through lessons. I am now feeling more inspired, learning and being reminded how to be more effective in structuring the lesson. My students are reinvigorated and happy to be receiving information in new ways and they are progressing faster. I know that regular teacher training courses need to be something I do each year and the availability of them online makes it possible. ~ Book 1 Participant

Unit Training 

In short term unit training we take a deep dive into the ins and outs of each piece, teaching point, development stages and supplementary reading and etude curriculums from Books 1-10. I offer training throughout the year and during the summer months at various institutions, see "schedule". For unit training through my studio please pay fees by clicking here @zsweet. 
All times are EST

2021/22 On line training

ECC ($150)Join me to discover how it all starts! Learn about the history of Dr. Suzuki's pedagogy, the evolution of the method and the early influence we can have on families with young children. 

Monday, June 6th 10-2:30pm (EST)
Tuesday, June 7th 10am-2:30pm (EST)

Unit 4 ($400) 15 hours of course work and 8 hours of observation. Come learn the ins and outs of Breval, Marcello, Bach and Tchaikovsky along with supplemental material for reading and musicianship. In addition to teaching points we will discuss teaching strategies, suzuki philosophy and early childhood education to prepare ourselves and our studios for the best outcomes. 

Thursday September 9th, 16, 23 9am-11am (EST)
Friday, September 10th, 17 and 24 9am-12pm (EST)

Unit 5 ($400) 15 hours of course work and 8 hours of observation. Prepare Vivaldi, Squire, Bach and Gotermann with me! Take a deep dive into development of advanced bow technique, scales, reading and solo Bach along side the core repertoire. Learn how to talk to evolve your education of parents, engage with surrounding youth music programs and set up your students for the advanced books. 

Thursday, September 30th, October 7, 14 8am-10am (EST)
Friday, October 1st, 8 and 15 8am-11am (EST).

Unit 1 ($700)

Everything begins in Book 1! Learn how to establish a deep connection with your new family, understand the stages of development that lead towards a musical language through and instrument, and discover the joys of setting up a beginning student for a healthy cello life! 

January 12th 8-10am/ 4-8pm
January 13th 8-10am/ 4-8pm
January 14th 8am-12pm
January 15th 12pm-3pm
January 16th 9am-1pm
January 17th 4-6pm
January 18th 8-11am

Unit 2 ($400)

Here we discover what happens after Unit 1. How do we prepare for advanced literature? What can students begin now that will guide them through concerto level playing. Learn how to build young musicians from the start and continue the joy of music with parent and child. 

Thursday, February 17th, 24th, March 3rd 9am-11am (EST)
Friday, February 18th, 25th, March 4th 9am-12pm (EST)
Teaching Strategies
This brand new, 10 hour course by the Suzuki Association of the Americas explores the "how" behind the "what" we teach. Think about this course as a practicum for the early levels, Books 1-3. Topics that come up in the course are catered to the individual needs of each participant but range from philosophy, parent education to the more specific techniques of the instrument. Participants share videos of their teaching to a supportive community of teachers that all gather with the spirit of continued education. 
Bow Development from the Beginning 
Explore and trace bowings through the Suzuki literature and beyond! The roots of every bowing we use stem from a skill we teach and learn from the very start. This course will offer tips and best practices for establishing and maintaining healthy bow habits through years to come. Whether you are an experienced teacher or new to the journey, this course will give you tools to use in any scenario. 
Bow Development from the Beginning is a 10-hour, on-line Enrichment course. Participants must be active members of the SAA who have registered Every Child Can! and Cello Unit 1. Maximum enrollment: 20 participants. The course uses Vimeo, Zoom, and Dropbox for instruction and materials.

It was so lovely to meet you and learn from you! I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I feel I am walking away with a whole new world of knowledge and strategies to implement in my teaching and playing. This was one of the most helpful and practical courses I've taken so far. I also really appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your journey and struggles, this made me feel very safe and supported in the learning environment. Thank you so very much!!! ~ Book 1 Participant