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Stay tuned for the next Practice Boot Camp from December 8th-10th! More details to come soon, in the meantime check out these testimonials from July's Boot Camp featuring Tayana Woodton:

"This was an incredible value...Would absolutely recommend. Thank you!"

"I saw his enthusiasm grow significantly and by the third day I saw an immense jump in his excitement for practicing and attending the classes. I would be willing to have him participate in practice boot camp twice a year. We would love for you to do this again. Thank you!!"

"He absolutely loved the experience, and I know he gained so much from it! Thank you!!"

"I really enjoyed Boot Camp, and I especially liked how kids with different ages and talent levels attended. I feel like it was a great learning experience, and the only drawback is that it was only three days long!" ~participant 

Contact me to reserve your spot today! 

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