Welcome to Concentrate! A Practice Boot Camp 

Join me July 21st-July23rd for a virtual, practice intensive that incorporates individual instruction, group activity and observation to hone skills and improve practice.

Practice efficiency is a frequent topic among educators, parents and students. The practice boot camp is designed for students ages 10 and up to become more proactive in their work at the instrument. Each day, your cellist will receive: 

  • 1 30 minute, individual lesson 

  • 1 60 minute, group technique class

  • 1 30 minute practice strategy seminar 

  • 1 30 minute break out discussion group

In addition, each student will participate in a two hour practice session that invites all participants to practice together (muted) on line, giving me immediate access to practice challenges and questions as they arise. Drawing from the days lesson, technique class and seminar, I can help each student practice in real time. 

Total cost for this three day event is $150, or $135 if your registration is complete before June 15th. Fill out the below so we can be in touch! 


Proposed Schedule (all times EST):

July 21-23

10am Technique Class

11am Practice Seminar and break out

12-5pm Individual Lessons

July 22nd

6pm-8pm Practice session with Zach

July 23rd 7pm Performance

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